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Research and Practice in Veterinary Medicine


Conference ‘’Research and Practice in Veterinary Medicine"

at The Latvia University of Agriculture Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Date: November 27 – 28, 2014

To be held at the Latvian University of Agriculture, Liela St. 2, Jelgava, Latvia

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine K., Helmana St. 8, Jelgava, Latvia


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Conference AGENDA (for 28th November)

List of poster presentations

Presentations (28.11.2014)

 PROCEEDINGS of Conference "Research and Practice in Veterinary Medicine - 2014"

27th – 28th November 2014, Jelgava, Latvia

Day 1, November 27, 2014 – Plenary session with discussions of key veterinary medicine issues, visionary views on future of veterinary medicine in Latvia and Europe.

Day 2, November 28, 2014 – more than 6 parallel sessions to choose from:

2 for small animal veterinarians (e.g. Feline Infectious Diseases – new challenges; Basics of neurology, State of Art lecture in cardiology – those are only examples – exact subjects will be available till March 2014.

3 for farm animal and horse veterinarians (e.g. Equine lung diseases; Heard health issues etc.)

1 for food hygiene, environmental and animal safety (e.g. Food toxicology, infectious diseases etc.)

VETinfo 2014:  trade show November 27, 2014 where participants will receive information about the products in the veterinary market in Latvia.

The conference goals:

  • to facilitate cooperation between veterinary research facilities and veterinary  practices
  • to stimulate new ideas, insights and inspiration
  • to share veterinary products and concepts

Participants: about 500 practicing veterinarians, scientists and state authority veterinarians from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Lecturers: professors, scientists, and practicing vets from Latvia, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, UK, Italy, USA and more